SEFANO CAGOL Anthropogenic interference
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The title "Anthropogenic interference" of this pop up show devoted to Stefano Cagol's research quotes an expression of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC, 1992) on the idea of opposition between human beings and nature, which has always been addressed by the artist.

The selected works offer a synthesis of the topics he uses to face and of his very personal working method, characterized by practices of displacement and dissemination. In the three photographic works, in addition to the iconic block of ice left to melt at the Venice Biennale, we find scenes of toxic gas flames in the Arctic frost and repeated hurts on post-industrial soils. His series of ceramic "Ipervedute", inspired by the motif of landscape on porcelain, immortalizes places of investigation of the relationship with the environment. Finally, the sculptural work with two crossed revolvers becomes a symbol of that conflicting interference triggered by man to the inevitable damage of both sides.









11 October 2019  - 13 October 2019