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Jan Fabre, Passage II, 1994
Triptych composed by a Urinal, a Microscope and a Cross, insects sewn on loom of iron wires Microscope: 46 x 19 x 22 cm


C+N Canepaneri Gallery is glad to present the exhibition Off-site Artists, which will take place in the Milan space from the 5th to the 29th of November.

The group exhibition involves, in a suggestive dialogue between different techniques and artistic approaches, some of the most relevant artists of the twentieth century: the exhibition develops through works belonging to different artistic currents, which are able to communicate each other thanks to the research that supports and sustains them, always aimed at analysing and understanding the contemporary world and the human being.

The works exhibited are part of the Gallery collection: the Gallery itself often dealt with these great names, both in its long exhibition experience and in its commercial definition. Even though there is no direct collaboration with these artists, the Gallery pays tribute to them with an exhibition that emphasizes esteem for them and at the same time analyses the collector's approach that the owners of the Gallery have pursued over the years, as demonstrated by exhibitions of Paolini and Kounellis organized few years ago. Currently the Gallery is focused in its activity of discovery and promotion of young national and international artists. However, the works of these great contemporary storytellers have particularly fascinated us with their poetic and artistic research. Hence the meaning of the title of the exhibition "Off-site Artists": out-of-home artists, external, not belonging to the inner circle of the Gallery; but significant, as part of the exhibition and collecting process of the Gallery itself.

Pier Paolo Calzolari was immediately recognized as one of the leading figures of the Arte Povera, synthesizing the main statements of the movement in "La casa ideale" (1968): the artist conceives art as a place of transformation, where precarious and transitory materials express the slow but inexorable change of the matter.

Piero Gilardi, also part of the Arte Povera movement, focuses on a long transcultural experience on the theoretical and practical analysis of the Art-Life pair, which he emphasises through his numerous creative workshops with the public. His works represent sections of woods, meadows and vegetable gardens, richly decorated with plants and fruits.

Jan Fabre, multifaceted Belgian artist, creates with his sculptures and theatrical representations a personal and extremely symbolic world, with its laws, characters and allegories.

Joseph Kosuth is considered as one of the most representative artists and theorists of Conceptual Art: his research is based on considering artistic practice as a semiotic project.

Tony Oursler focuses on the relationship between individuals and visual technologies. His production ranges in several areas: from installation to sculpture, from video to performance.

Giulio Paolini since the early sixties begins a process of exploration on the relationship between artist, space, time and painting, creating a theatrical staging of making art which, through a dimension of aristocratic and elitist exclusivity, places him among the more rigorous and coherent conceptual artists.

5 November 2019  - 29 November 2019