Comunicato stampa





Opening 15th March from 6pm to 9pm


15.03.2017 – 25.04.2017


Monday - Friday: 10am - 1pm / 3pm - 7pm


Saturday: by appointment


Louise Guerra, founded 2013 in Basel, CH, is a place of interaction and togetherness for an alternating range of people. Louise Guerra is as fictional as she is real. On the one hand, she demolishes the author by splitting it into undecipherable pieces. On the other, she uses fiction as a tool for reimagining and re-telling story and history, thereby surpassing the field of biography, finding new signs and possible languages. How does context affect production? How does discourse become primary? How can we work together? Do we have a need for the individual? Where are we friends and where do we become mere signifiers of a cultural system that enforces neoliberal, strategical collaboration?


Louise Guerra opens up Chapter 19 YES I AM THE ARTIST in Genoa by showing an ongoing research about the possibilities of figurative painting when referring to something unrepresentative and unrepresentable.


LG: What I find interesting is his very particular thinking of the „with“. Being singular plural might be a term to relate to...Once, JLN says; „we are each time an other, each time with others.“


Louise only comes into being through her work and can therefore not be represented but only be materialized. With her state of mind she declares the co-existence as a basic disposition and the individual to debate, not only for her work mode but also for the being. She is she as well as she is we, she is shifting and blending and always in process. Every work of Louise is a self-portrait, even if it is not a portrait in a traditional sense. Therefore a portrait of Louise is a double, a work within the work, or a portrait within the portrait. With her paintings she creates fragmented narratives – by including discussion and contradiction – in order to find a possible language for a collective singularity. Whilst the canvas serves as a place for negotiation Louise comes into existence. Fiction can only be deconstructed by fiction itself, and Louise can only paint herself by becoming a painting.


Louise Guerra, 2017